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summer dresses $20. 99 I only bought 2, I think the second one was a bit of a impulse buy. The one in the front, without the stripe, is okay, but I’ll never be able to wear it with anything but a bathing suit, so it was $20 well spent. (I had $25 free at H & M on that trip, as a member of their reward program) A lady on one of my groups is expecting her third child any day now, and she had to have some more of the dresses she wore in her first two children’s clothes. I found this one, and after taking the photo and editing it for the group, I knew it was the one! The other one was just a tad too girly, the main color being pink. I love the color of this one, the pink with black and white polka dots, not too feminine but not too boyish either. It will fit a girl too! And even better, the lady sold it to me for half the original price, yay! I bought this cardigan sweater for $14 on clearance. That’s the one thing that I can wear on any of my pregnancies. I wore it a lot with Ryan, I was huge, hot and uncomfortable, but I wanted something to be decent looking on me. This way, I could be fashionable but still comfortable. (A good example of how fashion / maternity don’t go together that well, I hate trying to be trendy, and I hate looking pregnant in my non – pregnant clothes) I got this photo when I was pregnant with Ryan. My first time trying to really nurse him, and that means that I used the SNS! It’s hard, I’ve learned that! The nurse button is way more comfortable! When I was pregnant with Ryan, there was a debate as to whether to give up nursing, or just not do it while working. I debated on and off, until I realized that it would be great to have him still nurse a little bit. I’d be able to nurse whenever he needed it, but the time would be cut down. So, I got off of it. I got so very, very attached to it. And yes, I know that it’s a very natural thing. I’m not trying to convince anyone to do it, it’s just something that I couldn’t do. I’m sorry if that’s inappropriate for the group, or you don’t agree with it. I’m just saying it’s my opinion. Not everyone will feel the same way I do. Went and spent the last $12. 99 in my reward money at Ross! We needed more clothes to put in the give away pile. I got these, and some shorts for Ryan (and a pair of sandals for me). There were 3 pairs of shorts in the $7 range, but I only took 1. I found a pair of pants for the same price, and some striped tops and a shirt for me too. Also, my favorite co – worker came up to me last week and said she’s cutting back on her spending for August. That’s how I have $12 to spend! After she said that, I asked if she would mind that I use some of her money to get some shirts at Ross (she has no problem if I use some of my money, as long as I’m using it to save up for new toys for Ryan)! So we’ll see if she’ll let me use the rest of it! We’ll see! Anyway, I can’t wait to go back next month, just so that I can get a few more items! Posted by And yes, I know that they’re the same color, but I promise, that they are not the same color, at all. I got these in the same batch of clothes that I got the two skirts. I was not going to keep the two brown ones together, because I could see a huge closet – explosion coming on. I took them to my mom’s house last night to use some of her steam cleaner (it’s not that she doesn’t have any of her own, it’s just that when I ask her to use it, she always forgets it). Afterwards, she took me out to dinner at Chili’s! We always go there when she’s babysitting Ryan. They have a kids play area, and Ryan loves to play there. It’s the only time that he’ll sit still and play on the floor! After dinner, we went to Walgreens to get 2 packages of diapers (my coupons won’t work in – store, and I can’t buy diapers, pay for them, and go home). We then went to Walgreens to get a few things. While I was waiting to check out, there was this woman in front of me, who was obviously about 20 years older than me. She had an obviously new purse, and she kept looking in it. I glanced down to see what she was looking at (she had everything pulled out of the purse).

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