While online shopping is a boon for busy people like me

Online shopping vs offline shopping While online shopping is a boon for busy people like me, it comes with its own set of issues. Many of my purchases are online only – my phone in particular is my saviour, I barely go out and I am normally offline on most days. All my needs are met by online shopping. But while shopping online is convenient, my interaction with sellers is limited – it makes online shopping a very sterile affair. The online shopping experience has now become a phenomenon to blend with shopping online, but sometimes, shopping online seems like I am just window shopping, trying to order it online and save myself the effort of walking to shops I want to go to – and sometimes I do fall into this trap – I am really shopping online and shopping offline. The last time I shopped online, the company had me order in a certain color and waited for me to finish my shopping and choose a color, just like online shopping, and then they would deliver it. I took the color they suggested (and it matched perfectly with my outfit) and ordered in the amount that they asked, but within hours, I got a call from them saying that I had ordered the wrong color and I needed to change my order. The idea of using online shopping as an excuse not to visit a shop for a couple of days seems like I am totally disregarding what I love about shopping – a shopping spree for me is not about going to one shop and buying everything that I see in front of me, it is about going to different shops, trying out different things, interacting with different people. I would shop in any department store even if I can’t afford everything. My life is not one that is on a regular online shopping spree. The shopping spree that I love is one in which I am able to shop, shop, shop and buy and buy more, and not worry about the money that I spend or the damage that I do to my bank account. I hate to go to the stores and have to hurry up to finish what I want to get to, or avoid any other customers (and sometimes even staff) that annoy me. I love shopping in department stores and will never buy anything online that I can’t get in a physical store – for me, the only limitation of online shopping is the limited shopping experience I get from it. I cannot shop online and get the comfort that I am online, like I am shopping in offline. My opinions do not have any relevance to anyone, but when I talk about shopping online, it makes me think of all the people that do shop online – I cannot imagine them going offline. Shopping in India vs Shopping Online I know many people in India and abroad who do not shop online and have never bought anything online. It seems that the majority of online shopping in India is for clothes – in fact, it seems to be the primary online shopping sector. My whole family has only ordered from the online shopping websites – they do not feel comfortable shopping offline. I think online shopping has made shopping for fashion an absolute hassle for me and my family, especially my mom – if she wants to shop online, she has to spend hours browsing the catalogues and checking out different options and shopping on two different websites. Even if she just wants to order one item online, she has to do it four times because she changes the size every time. My sister does not like online shopping either, and I have to call her and ask her about any suggestions of shops or brands that I should buy from online – my mom has no clue whatsoever about the shopping scene in online shopping areas (she knows the popular online shopping brands that she would like me to get from online, but that is about it). I know of people in India who shop online because of the convenience it offers. When I buy things online, I usually only shop in my online shopping baskets and skip the other things because it’s so difficult to pick it all – sometimes, I just can’t get everything from online shopping. I enjoy shopping offline, and I prefer shopping in stores. The option of shopping in shops in India is a luxury in many countries, but in India, it is a necessity. I have many friends and relatives in India who like to go out shopping for a whole day (which is not a joke) and come back to the shop to buy a lot of things. I cannot imagine doing that, and I have never done that. In fact, I love shopping when I have no idea what to buy or where to get it from. That’s my kind of shopping – it’s spontaneous and I always get surprised by what I find in the shops. Online shopping is not always helpful in all the aspects of shopping that I like. For example, my favorite shop in India is a grocery shop. I love shopping at grocery stores for foods, like fruits, vegetables, bakery products, and all that. I love grocery stores for the variety of different items that they have. Online shopping cannot provide that – online shops only sell generic products and very limited selections (I know I might be in trouble for saying this, but I am aware of all the online grocery stores that I have been to in the last few years – online groceries are the absolute worst I have ever shopped at). I have no clue what to buy, and I have to think really hard to figure out what to get for a dinner or a special dinner – I like shopping for groceries, and I want to enjoy my shopping experience when I am going out to buy groceries. I would not feel happy spending hours online looking for the perfect choice – online grocery stores are not designed to offer that experience (of course, in grocery shopping, I do prefer grocery stores because I do get to have a full shopping experience – I find the pricing of online grocery shopping to be very cheap, and it is actually cheaper than going to grocery stores), but overall, online shopping is a hassle for me, and it is not the same experience as shopping in a store, especially a big grocery store. Shopping Online vs Shopping Offline When I shop in a brick-and-mortar store, I like to go shopping early, and that gives me time to look around the store, see what is available, and get to know the products. When I go to a shop that is online, I do not know what I am going to buy, and there is no point of getting to know the products because when I shop online, I always change the color of my card at least three times because I cannot remember which color I should be buying. If I would like to buy something and that color is out of stock, I cannot just go online and order it because the delivery date is already in my mind, and I do not want to miss out on my favorite product and the best deal that I have found. I want to be a smart shopper, and I want to make the best choice, and I would not like to miss out on my favorite products (that’s why I still prefer buying online when it comes to products that I don’t have to change, like makeup products). Online shopping is my favorite thing in the world, and I am lucky that I can do that for many things in my life. Online shopping in India is also very convenient because I can shop from any part of the world, especially online shopping in India because of the different customs that are different everywhere. It is easier to get products online, because the shipping charges are less in India, and even if the delivery comes late, I will not mind. The delivery is always very fast in India (that’s why I don’t mind paying extra in shipping costs – the delivery in India is always fast, and that’s one of the reasons that I love India). I have noticed that online shopping is not possible all over India, because there are very few online shopping stores in the entire country. Online shopping in India is very popular in the city of New Delhi, where all the luxury shops are located. There are only a few luxury online shops in India, and I think that is because it is very expensive to ship goods from all over India to all the major cities in the country. I cannot imagine the costs in shipping everything to Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Kolkata, and Chennai – it’s way too expensive for a company to have a good delivery all over the country. Besides, the deliveries are not very fast – sometimes the deliveries are very slow, and it takes a long time to get the product. In case the delivery is late, then you would get to know about it very soon. When the delivery is slow, it is better to buy online because it means that I am still getting my favorite products. Shopping online is convenient, and it allows me to get everything that I want. I can get things that I never knew were available. Sometimes, I even decide to make my shopping more convenient by making my delivery a few hours later, or even making my delivery a few hours earlier, just so I can get my favorite products on time. However, I do not like to do that because if I do that, I would miss out on my favorite products, and I would not be happy at all. See Also How I Shop Online in India Paying Online for Products in India Deliveries in India Indie Shopping in India Indie Shopping in India –

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